March Beauty Favorites


Meet Nadine! She started her makeup up career nine years ago at our studio. You can also find her doing hair at Élan or on location at weddings and private events! A product junkie at heart, these are her March favorites...

1. TruSelf Organics Detoxifying Facial Mask - This mask is awesome for removing build up from clogged pores! It feels like my pores are empty when removing this mask. From the moment you apply, be prepared to not be able to move your face. Yes, this even means not being able to drink through a straw! (haha yes, I have tried this before!) I do suggest leaving the mask on for a shorter period (10 minutes) to see how your skin reacts, because it can be the slightest bit painful when removing, or you can brave it like I did for the full time (30 minutes) just be prepared for some really tight almost sunburned feeling skin... NO PAIN, NO GAIN baby!

2. Nu-face Anti Aging Infusion Spray - So I'm not into over moisturizing my face, but hydration is a must! So coming across this spray was a game changer for me. Who doesn't want to revitalize & hydrate their skin? Ummm… NO ONE! What I love most is that it’s oil-free & super lightweight for all of us ‘over active sebaceous gland’ sistas! Oh and PS... this product also works with NuFace Trinity Device that helps to tone your face with micro current technology.

3. Kevyn Aucoin The Sensual Skin Primer - Say “Hello!” to lasting make up & “Goodbye!” to people asking “Are you alright?” at the end of your hard day's work. This flawless skin enhancing primer does its job and much more. It minimizes pores, balances your skin texture, and adds longevity to your all day foundation!

4. Kevyn Aucoin The ETHEREALIST - LOVE LOVE LOVE this everyday foundation! Color choices are super matchable! The foundation is very bendable and even buildable with coverage. That means you can start with a medium coverage and work your way up. Another quality that makes this new foundation amazing is that it's super lightweight and you can barely feel or see that it's on! Definitely a must try for all those who want a medium coverage to last all day!

5. FACEatelier Brazilian Blaze Bronzer - Can Not Live With Out This… I Repeat… CANNOT! This Bronzer makes me feel warm and sunkissed even through these cold rainy days with no sunshine! Lets just say this is my everyday bronzer/contour/sunkissed product. The color is good for all skin tones… everyone needs it in their make-up bag. There’s no other bronzers like it! I promise!