February Beauty Favorites


Meet Susan! After being in the beauty industry for more than 15 years and loving the journey, one of it's facets that still inspires her is clean, healthy, and amazing looking skin at any age! Keep reading to find out about some of her favorite products this month, along with a few beauty tips...


My must have each morning is a cold glass of water with lemon to cleanse and get my day started. I also apply fresh cucumbers around the eyes to get rid of puffiness. For all over body treatment, I enjoy the Renew-Plus Body Serum from Clarins. This creamy serum is amazing for smoothing, tightening, and lightening any age spots. It's Vitamin A contents renew your skin while the water lily extract hydrates. It also smells like baby powder, which I love! For my face, I use the Perricone MD Concentrated Serums Collection. They contain high forms of Alpha Lipoid Acid and DMAE. Since they come in two separate bottles, you can mix them together, wear one at a time, or mix with your moisturizer. Using it I've noticed less lines, firmer skin, and the minimization of a dark spot. For a mask and exfoliant, I like the Jeffrey James The Mask. It's a whipped raspberry mud mask and smells like a fresh bowl of fruit. The 6.5% Glycol Acid gives you glowing skin while the Bentonite clay withdraws impurities. It's a must have! For makeup, the Face Atelier Ultra Foundation has been a favorite for 15 years and running. There hasn't been a day I have gone without it. The foundation is silicone based and has anti aging properties. It never creases or cakes. If you want a matte finish this is not for you, but if you want glowing radiant skin with medium coverage, this is your hero product! Lastly, I can't live without my Face Atelier Cameo Lip Liner and Cameo Lip Gloss. Both have a beautiful natural nude look, are hydrating and long lasting. It gives a simple and clean finish to your look!

-- Susan, Makeup Artist, Blush

* All products mentioned are available at our Blush makeup studio *